Warranty Terms & Conditions


The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper handling or misuse of the product (impact damage, exposure to moisture, etc..), the use of the product with hardware or software, consumable, accessory or device that is not compatible or defective and said consumable items. No warranty on burnt Adapter, Chipset, IC, Circuit & Capacitor, gift, broken items. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover viruses, system or software errors due to negligence or bad configuration by the client. In this case, a labor fee will be required for troubleshooting. Warranty on original charger & battery is 1 year, OEM parts 3 months.


We pride ourselves in offering you the lowest possible prices for our quality products and services, along with the very best customer support.
Our team of experienced, reliable and professional technicians has the expertise to deal with your computer problems and find solutions to get you back to business quickly.

  • Contact us via phone, email or repair request form.
  • We will collect your product within 24h* and send to the distributor for repair.
  • As soon as your product has been repaired, we will deliver same at your place.
    Note that we can provide a replacement product during the repair period upon request and availability.


1. IT BOX Ltd warranties the equipment against defects in material and workmanship under normal usage from the date of purchase.

2. Expendable parts are not included in this warranty. Expendable parts include – but are not limited to – lamps, fuses, ribbons, toner cartridges, fuser unit, drum, knobs, trays, glass or plastic or any breakable attachments.

3. The Warranty Card – or any acceptable Proof of Purchase – must be submitted before warranty work can be performed by IT BOX Ltd or IT BOX Ltd designated service providers.

4. This Warranty agreement shall not extend to delay, loss of use, or any consequential damage of whatsoever nature arising from corruption or loss of information stored on hard disk or any other storage media. Prior to dispatching any product for services, the customer must make a back-up copy of all contents on the product’s hard drive or other local drives or data storage media, including any data stored or any installed software. IT BOX Ltd or IT BOX Ltd designated service providers shall in no circumstances be held responsible for any damage to or loss of any programs (operating systems and applications), data, or other information stored on any media or any part of any product.

5. IT BOX Ltd shall not be responsible to any data corruption or loss arising due to presence of viruses. Reconfiguration of the system and restoration of available customer files will be chargeable.

6. IT BOX Ltd shall not be responsible to reinstall any of the application software lost or deleted or corrupted. Reinstallation of any application software is chargeable.

7. Any repair or replacement performed by IT BOX Ltd or IT BOX Ltd designated service providers during warranty period shall not cause any extension or any change in the initial warranty period fixed at time of purchase.

8. Alteration or removal of the serial number, identification on the product, or any intervention by personnel not authorised by our company, misuse, neglect, exposure to fire, water, accidents, excess humidity, excess temperatures, lack of proper earth connection will result in voiding of this warranty.

9. The exclusive remedy for any defect in materials or workmanship shall be repaired or replacement of the defective parts done at the IT BOX Ltd or IT BOX Ltd designated service providers Option.

10. IT BOX Ltd shall not fetch or pay transportation of defective equipment from user’s premises or carry any repair on customer’s site (unless specified in special conditions). If such special service is requested, then a fee may be charged.


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